Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where is the money?

So Kate and William got married and millions of pounds were spent on the wedding.
An IT Mogul is flying a hundred and fifty guests to Morocco for his wife's fiftieth birthday. The costs are bound to run into crores.
Rich women flash new diamonds everyday. And when I see them driving down some delhi road in their chauffeur driven BMWs and Mercs - I think to myself - That entire air-conditioned cocoon is probably more than the price of a DDA flat!
Some people made crores and crores in the 2 G scam. Others made their fortunes during the 2010 Common Wealth Games.
Don't get me wrong. I am no moral brigade for austerity.
Please do go ahead and spend your money exactly the way you see fit. All I am worried about is that I need 25 lakhs every year and I do not belong to the league of moving DDA houses.
The money is needed urgently to continue running a program that educates 400 dropout children. The money will be used to give the youth life skills, vocational training and a mid day meal.
I know there are hundreds and thousands of well-intentioned people more than willing to contribute - I just don't know where to find them and how to connect.
Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How does on handle the problems of dropout youth?
They have dropped out because they couldn't cope with studies. Or the pressure to supplement the family income was greater than the desire to get an education.
They face adversity at every point. Their contemporaries and peers look down on them. They are labelled failures, they forget to dream, they lack a vision for the future. They have no role models and there is no discipline in their lives.
Once yu get them back into the classroom their attention spans are short and they are unwilling to put in the extra effort required to catch up with their peers.
Does the solution lie in putting them into a classroom and expecting them to learn their lessons. Or does it lie elsewhere. If you reach this blog. do write in and tell me what you would do in such a scenarion.